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atg-lm-A7atg Luther & Maelzer launches new Flying Prober Generation

07 September 2012 - atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH is launching an entirely new flying prober generation. The double-sided test system A7 has 8 test probes and 4 high resolution XGA color cameras for the optical scanning of PCBs. Using modern linear drives, the A7 achieves a test speed which was unimaginable 5 years ago.

The acceleration of the probes now has increased from 8 g to 20 g (20 times acceleration of gravity). Despite high deceleration forces, the extremely torsion resistant and light carbon fiber axes allow precise positioning. Minimal test structures of 35 μm can be contacted. The system can be equipped with various test probes. Their contacting force can be adjusted to 0.2 g. The A7 offers a variety of test options. Apart from the test of flexible boards, the A7 focuses on the test of embedded components. Besides, passive components such as resistors, coils, capacities, diodes and varistors can be tested. The wiring test of active ICs within the PCB is possible also.

Basic specification:

  • 8 test probes
  • 4 XGA color cameras
  • Test area: 610 mm x 510 mm
  • Smallest test point: 35 μm (*with micro needle probes)
  • Repeatable accuracy: +/- 4 μm
  • Test voltage: up to 1000 Volt
  • 4 wire Kelvin measurement: 0,25 mΩ - 1 kΩ (+/-0,1 mΩ +/-2 %)

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