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PXI Switching Solutions for up to 16 Amps

Pickering 40 66226 March 2015 - Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of 16 Amp PXI switching solutions. Following the success of the 16 Amp uncommitted relay modules (model 40-161), the company is introducing two new 16 Amp PXI module families: a PXI power multiplexer (model 40-662) and a PXI power matrix (model 40-552) both available in several versions.

The 16 Amp PXI power multiplexer (model 40-662) is available in seven configurations ranging from 4-off 2:1 multiplexers to 1-off 16:1 multiplexer.

The 16 Amp PXI power matrix (model 40-552) is available in four configurations with matrix sizes of 8x2 and 4x4 and the ability to expand the matrix size with the Y-Axis loop-thru connections: e.g. 8x4, 12x4, 16x4, etc. (with 4x4 matrices) or 16x2, 24x2, 32x2, etc. (with 8x2 matrices).

Both of these 16 Amp PXI switching families feature:

  •   Hot switching up to 16 Amp at 28VDC
  •   Maximum DC hot switch rating of 300VDC
  •   Hot switching AC signals up to 250VAC at 16 Amp
  •   Capable of withstanding 400VDC for cold switching
  •   High-quality high power electro-mechanical relays
  •   20-way GMCT connectors

Careful attention to the switching designs ensures that all of these PXI modules can carry the full 16 Amp current on each path simultaneously over the complete operating temperature range. Applications include electric vehicles, automotive ECU testing, AC mains switching, high current power supplies, load switching, and aerospace electric drive testing.

Pickering Interfaces also provides a full range of supporting cable and connector solutions for all of their LXI, PCI and PXI switching solutions, including the new 16 Amp PXI switching family. They can also manufacture cable assemblies to custom requirements.

Pickering Interfaces supports all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support.

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