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PXI Solid State Multiplexer for Currents up to 5 Ampere

Pickering 40 65201 December 2015 - Pickering Interfaces introduced a PXI Solid State Multiplexer. The 40-652 40-652 range of multiplexers uses solid state relays with high tolerance to surge currents and hot switching events. Each multiplexer provides an isolation relay in the common to minimize capacitive loading when expanding the multiplexer across multiple modules. The 40-652 can sustain 30A for 300µs on hot or cold switching. The 40-652 offers a range of configurations suitable for hot or cold switching signals up to ±100V at 5A.

The use of solid state relays allows the hot switching of signals without any life degradation, including DC signals that EMR (Electro-Mechanical Relay) designs can only handle with much-reduced service life and power handling. The multiplexer module is available in single pole 48:1, two pole 24:1, single pole dual 24:1 or single pole 24:1 configurations. Additionally the module is supported by our new eBIRST switching system test tools.

User connections are made via a 50-way D-Type connector which is fully support by our comprehensive range of cables and connector accessories.

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