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PXI/PXIe 5 Amp Power Relay Modules enables hot Switch to 1250VA

Pickering 40 42 153 15827 September 2021 - Pickering Interfaces added two new 5 Amp power relay module families, available in PXI & PXIe formats. The 40/42-153 and 40/42-158 power relay modules are suitable for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for controlling large external relays, contactors and solenoids. They are available in multiple configurations up to 50 SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) relays (-153) or 32 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relays (-158).These products are the highest density 5 Amp switching modules in the PXI market, providing double the channel count of the nearest competitor.

Expanding Pickering’s range of 5 A switching modules, the new PXI/PXIe power relay module families use industrial-grade EMR power relays and support various power testing requirements. The 40/42-153 family offers 18, 25, 36 or 50 off SPST relay loadings, whereas the 40/42-158 provides 8, 16, 24 or 32 off SPDT versions. Devices can hot-switch inductive/capacitive loads up to 5 A at 250 VAC to a maximum power of 150W/1250VA (-153) or 175W/1250VA (-158); cold-switching performance is up to 400VDC/250VAC peak. The new high-performance power relay modules offer low path resistance of less than 35mΩ with a thermal offset of just 3µV (typical) plus typical bandwidths of 65MHz (-153) and 100MHz (-158) at the -3dB point.

All versions are available with an optional hardware interlock that, when activated, returns all fully functional relays to the default unpowered (open) state. The interlock status is also monitored by the control software and will notify the user when attempting to operate relays when the interlock is activated. This feature is especially useful where relay operation is to be prevented until specific hardware conditions occur. In addition, hardware interlocking can be used as a functional stop to de-energize the relays.

“The new 40/42-153 & 40/42-158 PXI/PXIe power relay module families have been designed to maximize switch payload while minimizing the physical footprint and maintaining performance,” comments Steve Edwards, Pickering’s Switching Product Manager. “The single-slot footprint, available with a PXI or PXIe control interface, provides flexibility in chassis selection and minimizes PXI, PXIe, or LXI chassis slot count. These products will have many applications in automotive, aerospace and defense ATE systems as well as general-purpose switching applications where customers construct their own systems based on uncommitted relays.”

Partially populated options are offered that duplicate the front panel connector interface and pin-out of existing Pickering 5 A products, giving users of those products an easy way to transition to a PXIe control interface. VISA, IVI & Kernel drivers are supplied for Windows operation.

These new PXI/PXIe power relay modules come with a three-year warranty. The inclusion of a spare relay on each module enables customers with practical PCB rework training to effect quick on-site repair, minimizing system downtime.

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