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Multi-TAP JTAG Solution for Teradyne ICTs

24 April 2012 – Following the recent USB-1149.1/CFM announcement showcasing a high-performance single-channel JTAG hardware platform for Teradyne ICTs, Corelis, Inc. announced the QuadTAP/CFM, a four-channel JTAG hardware platform that seamlessly integrates advanced boundary-scan test capabilities into Teradyne in-circuit testers.

The QuadTAP/CFM is designed specifically for use with Teradyne TestStation and GR228x series testers. The QuadTAP/CFM provides Teradyne users the benefit of: Advanced JTAG control using vacant slots on a Teradyne Multi-Function Application Board Configuration versatility—allowing up to two Test Access Ports (TAPs) with a single CFM slot or up to four TAPs using expander modules Independently adjustable TAP interface voltages from 1.25V to 3.3V High-speed 100 MHz test clock rate for boundary-scan test support Compatibility with advanced IEEE-1149.6 AC-coupled digital networks In-system programming of Flash and CPLD devices including direct SPI and I2C support

The QuadTAP/CFM is a single slot Custom Functional Module (CFM) form factor board that installs directly into one of four slots on a Teradyne Multi-Function Application Board. Integration is simple and transparent; once installed in the system, up to eight signals of the QuadTAP/CFM JTAG, GPIO, I2C, and SPI are available to test fixtures and the tester backplane. Additional signals are made available using the included Expander modules which install into additional board slots. Integrated SPI and I2C programming features make the QuadTAP/CFM an ideal and universal solution for boundary-scan, JTAG embedded test, and in-system programming applications.

“The QuadTAP/CFM offers a completely seamless and versatile hardware solution to meet multi-TAP JTAG testing requirements on existing Teradyne equipment,” says Ryan Jones, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis. “Its flexible configuration is designed to handle a wide variety of JTAG signal layouts. Combining the QuadTAP/CFM with Corelis ScanExpress software provides the most complete JTAG test solution in the industry for Teradyne systems.”

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