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E-Field Probe for EMC Immunity Measurement up to 40 GHz

ETS Lindgren EMSense4003 August 2022 – ETS-Lindgren launched the new EMSense 40 E-Field probe for automotive, MIL-STD, and commercial EMC RF immunity measurement. The laser-powered EMSense 40 Electric Field Probe embodies the latest innovations in isotropic sensor design, low noise, and miniaturized electronics. Designed for a single probe frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz, the EMSense 40 can read data continuously over the entire dynamic range. In addition, data values for each axis (X, Y, and Z) can be read individually or summed.

Given the increasingly complex testing of today’s modern automotive technology, ETS-Lindgren has created automated test software that greatly enhances and simplifies test productivity: TILE! and VisionTRX. TILE! – Totally Integrated Laboratory Environment – system software is an integrated test environment for creating and performing EMC tests. TILE!’s library of profiles is designed for testing to international test regulations for radiated emissions and immunity (RE, RI) as well as conducted emissions and immunity (CE, CI). Since TILE! is instrument-agnostic, it can be used with most test instrumentation customers may already have onsite. VisionTRX Visual Monitoring System software redefines automated movement-based analysis of equipment under test (EUT) during EMC testing. In order to verify EUT behavior, the software allows automated visual monitoring of relevant parameters during exposure to the required electromagnetic field strengths. EUT may include speedometer needles, dash lights, LEDs, radios, heads-up displays, etc. – the possibilities are limitless. VisionTRX and TILE! provide the flexibility to adapt to varied automotive test requirements, including efficient interface with related instrumentation and systems software that might be used to control a dynamometer, for example. ETS-Lindgren’s software ensures the entire automotive test system works together seamlessly.

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