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Testing of D-PHY and C-PHY Imaging ICs for Smart Phone Cameras

Advantest 48GICAP21 December 2020 – Advantest launched a new high-speed CMOS image capture module for its T2000 test platform that enables highly parallel, 64-site testing of both D-PHY and C-PHY devices for the rapidly growing smart phone market. The new T2000 4.8-Gbps CMOS image capture module, known as the 4.8GICAP, is designed to efficiently transfer data from CMOS image sensors (CIS) to the T2000 tester’s high-performance image processor engine (IPE).

It is the first mass-produced test solution to achieve a maximum data rate of 3.5 Gsps for advanced C-PHY version 1.2 devices as well as the industry’s fastest capture speed of 4.8 Gbps for D-PHY version 2.1 devices.

An estimated 75% of CIS devices produced today are used in smart phone cameras. With the latest smart phones incorporating multiple cameras, CIS production is forecasted to grow approximately 41% over the next four years, according to an Advantest study. In addition, the latest CIS devices have high resolution on the order of 100 million pixels. These factors increase demand for test solutions that can handle larger volumes of data than ever before while operating at higher speeds to cost-effectively serve the rapidly expanding smart phone market.

The 4.8GICAP module, combined with Advantest's 3rd generation IPE, can simultaneously capture images and transfer data to the IPE using a two-bank memory mechanism. This will significantly reduce test time.

The unit is designed for installation on the T2000 ISS tester with a fully compatible test program, prober, light source and device interface. This combination produces CIS measurement tools capable of 64-site parallel testing, which supports latest C-PHY in addition to the MIPI standard D-PHY. The new module delivers industry-leading performance with high-speed transmission lines.

The versatile T2000 test platform enables users to respond quickly to shifting market needs with minimal capital investment while also helping to reduce development times for new designs. Its modular architecture is ideally suited to accommodate new generations of devices.

“By providing a measurement environment that can handle greater data-transfer volumes and faster CIS devices, we are bringing improved cost efficiencies to the smart phone camera market,” said Toshiaki Adachi, vice president of the T2000 Business Unit at Advantest.

The 4.8GICAP module has begun shipping to several key customers.

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